Eight best techniques to buildup eCommerce in Trinidad and Tobago by use of videos

The increasing trend of online shopping has led to the mushrooming growth of online stores. This has entirely changed the face of eCommerce in Trinidad and Tobago. User preferences and priorities are constantly changing the shape of eCommerce and online business. The competition is getting tougher and marketing practices are evolving.

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Video-based content has become extremely important for business growth. This is primarily because of the popularity of YouTube, which has become the second most popular platform after Google.

Investment of time and resources in the production of business videos has now become critical for any online business. Nowadays, successful businesses resort to making excellent videos due to the following reasons:

  • Online shoppers and buyers would like to make their purchases after having a good look at the product and its features
  • The customer can gain valuable information about the product/service through good video content
  • If the video also covers product/service-related FAQs then the decision making becomes easy for the potential client
  • An engaging and informative video is positive publicity for the brand
  • Research shows that good quality, short-duration video on the landing page of a business, helps boost the conversion rate of that website.
  • More than ninety per cent of the contemporary businesses either already have or are in the process of making their videos, a critical part of their marketing strategy

Popular video types

The modern-day trend of promotion and growth of eCommerce through videos, mostly rely on four types of videos:

Cartoon or Animated videos

These base on pure imagination and creativity. Animated videos are usually liked because they deliver the message in a light and colourful manner. There are much-advanced software available to make high-resolution animations, however, if it seems difficult then make use of talented animators whose services are available on famous freelancing websites. The concept and idea of the video, however, is of prime importance and must be given due deliberation to subsequently produce a quality animated video.

Teaching and tutorial videos

You can also promote a product by making a tutorial video about its features and use. The customers are interested in watching an informative and elaborate video about their product of interest. This not only helps them learn its use but also makes their selection easier.

Videos are more convenient to watch than reading a manual. The video also gives the brand, a chance to introduce another related product, which might also be of interest to this viewer. Never the less, the content presented in the video must focus on the original product to keep the user engaged and interested in watching the whole video.

User feedback and review videos

Online users do thorough research before purchasing a product. The most important part of this research is going through previous customer’s reviews and feedback about that product. Therefore, if a video of a collection of reviews of your customers about a particular product is made, it will interest your potential customers. We are talking about positive reviews but do not get disheartened because of bad reviews. You can hand them in several ways.

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To make such a video, former customers be requested to share a video clip, giving their reviews about your product. A gift may be presented to them as a token of appreciation. All the video clips received from previous customers should be compiled and processed by a professional video editor to produce a quality video.

Videos about a story

Build an interesting and engaging video-based story about your product or service. Describe it, highlight its features, working and advantages etc. The story must grab the attention of the viewers and they must be compelled to follow your CTA or URL to place an order.

We now come to the part where we discuss the eight best techniques to buildup eCommerce in Trinidad and Tobago by use of videos.

Learn everything about your target customer

Make deliberate efforts to have an in-depth knowledge of your target market. Learn about the priorities and preferences of your target customer. Discuss their requirements with them and try to give solutions through your products.

Take feedback from previous customers and deliberate upon any improvements that can be made in your product/service to achieve customer satisfaction.

Include all these efforts in your videos to build the trust of potential customers as well as the existing ones

Closely monitor your performance

Before making a video, unambiguously decide what you want to achieve from it. It can be to increase the number of likes, more content circulation, enhance website traffic or boost sales etc.

Monitor the performance of your video through any of the available software and evaluate it. Make necessary changes where required. Repeat the process at regular intervals to optimally benefit your business from your videos.

Be brief and to the point

The attention spell of a contemporary internet user is short. You have to successfully deliver your message through your video in the shortest possible time.

Your video must be brief, informative and interesting. Otherwise, the user might get distracted and leave even before the video is complete.

Due deliberation is therefore required to select the best content that delivers your message to the users before they get inattentive.

Decide your spending limit

Videos can be expensive, therefore, decide your budget beforehand. A good video should be cost-effective but to enhance the quality of production, you might have to pay a little more. However, the limit must be decided in advance so that your business benefits from your video without any unjustified financial burden.

Stretch for picture quality

The advancement in internet speeds and technology have raised the expectations of internet users. In this age of HQ, users do not bother to watch low-resolution videos.

As discussed above, the budget for producing your video must be decided before the production starts, however, a little more investment to enhance the quality and resolution to a minimum of 1080p is worth every cent.

Video production equipment and software

If you plan to make several videos for your eCommerce business in future, it is advisable to invest in good quality video making equipment and software of your own.

This investment is heavy; however, the production of several quality videos, using your equipment would be so beneficial for your business that this equipment would recoup its price in a few months or years. Of course, this does not imply that an average quality content, shot on the high resolution would give the desired results. Remember the modern saying “Content is King!”

Another option is to get video production gear on rent. Several companies offer video apparatus on different rental terms, therefore, find the best rental option in your area. The bottom line is, “Do not compromise on video’s production quality”.

Call to Action

The ultimate aim of making a video about your business is that you either want the viewer to visit your blog/website or purchase your product/service. Your video should thus prominently contain a URL, directing the interested user to your website.

The video must be engaging enough to compel the user to follow the “Call to action” button or link that you have smartly placed in your video.

Let social media do the rest

You have worked very hard and finally produced an excellent quality video. Now you want to show it to your target audience. This is where you utilize and harness the power of social media to reach a maximum number of users. Post it on social media pages and share with friend, family, and different groups. Embed the link to your videos on a maximum number of pages and posts that you can access. Let social media spread it for you.


Successful businesses always adapt to the latest trends in the market. Projection and promotion of business through videos is a trend that is on the increase. Make the best use of it and benefit your business. Take help from the tips discussed in this article and make the best video in your field to surprise your competitors.

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