How to Use Instagram Stories for Business in Trinidad and Tobago in Eight Best Ways

“Social media is just for fun”. This might have been true in Trinidad and Tobago, a few years back. Now, however, social media has evolved to become a very potent tool for business growth, brand projection and of course, fun.

The huge business potential of social media is still far from its peak. Nevertheless, even in its present form, it is at a stage where businesses making its effective use are already in the process of becoming the future market leaders.

The future shape of eCommerce and the phenomenally growing number of online stores needs more and more online opportunities for projecting their digital presence and connecting and engaging with a rising number of customers for fast-paced business growth.

Instagram is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms. Its popularity is not limited to fun-seeking users but businesses are also making use of Instagram to boost their customer base, digital presence, brand growth and sales.

Instagram has witnessed a remarkable growth rate in terms of active users. Besides, the popularity of Instagram stories has made this platform a priority choice for a wide variety of diverse user categories. It has become an important marketing and projection tool, which must be used in conjunction with existing best marketing practices.

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In this article, we will look at the eight best ways to initiate Instagram stories in such a way that they grip the user’s interest right away. These techniques would also help in making our Instagram stories more interesting for the contemporary audience and fetching more customers.

Do not drag, keep a fast pace

Social media users prefer fast-paced content. To keep their interest alive, build your Instagram stories on a speedy momentum. To achieve this, the following practices are helpful:

Keep your Instagram stories, videos or ads, short but clear and crisp message or entertainment value.

Frequently change the background or the colour of the background to avoid monotony.

Shoot the videos or pictures from different angles and use light and shades to get diverse and beautiful effects

Utilize the optimum potential of “Facebook Live”

Facebook live has evolved into a very powerful forum for businesses to engage with their customers. It is also being effectively used by businesses to boost their sales and digital presence. Utilizing the power of Facebook Live for posting and promoting Instagram stories is highly recommended. Proceed in the following two steps:

Step 1

  • Create your Instagram story, keeping in view the following:
  • Grab the interest of users by making a mention of your popular previous posts on the subject
  • Make eye-catching and pleasant screen arrangements to make it attractive
  • Aesthetically choose fonts and colours to highlight your content in a contemporary style

Step 2

  • Post your story, ensuring that it amply covers the following:
  • The time and date of the live broadcast of your Instagram stories on Facebook Live
  • A well-articulated teaser can help catch the attention of your customers before the main event comes live.
  • Mention the URL of your event. Smaller URLs are easier for the users to click

Mentally picture your brand on Instagram

The look of the Instagram story is very important. If properly deliberated and composed, the visual impact is stronger than any amount of running written text. Many popular design apps are also available to create a visually appealing story.

Following two kinds of requirements must be kept in mind while designing the visual and its content:

Requirement for Instagram

The story must get a good ranking and coverage on Instagram. To achieve this, keep the basic visual identity of your brand, consistent. This is a positive point for the Instagram algorithm. Consistency implies using a regular set of fonts, colours etc. so that they start representing your brand. Moreover, the use of trending hashtags and gifs also help in the better ranking of your story.

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Requirement for user

The user must be able to relate to your Instagram stories. Even before starting to read the story, the user must recognize your brand through the visual arrangement and choice of fonts, colours etc.

Take them Backstage

The Instagram stories can be made interesting and fun if they include still photos or video clips of how your brand does its daily business.

The users who are already familiar with your product or service would be interested in your behind-the-scene professional activities and routine. Make interesting stories about some of your processes and efforts to achieve user satisfaction and involve the users.

This trend is growing and is witnessing an increased user interest and participation, which benefits the overall business or service in the end.

Guide them through your stories

Your Instagram stories should guide the reader to your website or blog post. This can be an excellent method of promoting your content, blog or website.

How to choose the topic

Make stories about the main subject or field of your website or blog. When your story attracts the viewers, they must find a link or CTA (call to action) button that leads to your web page.

For example, suppose your business is about ‘Home Interior decoration’. Make short stories about new trends in home decoration or the latest furniture styles etc. and post them.

How to make a story

After the choice of a relevant topic, create a story about it. An attractive cover page is a good start. The Instagram users, attracted by your stories should prominently find the link to your website in your story. This link or button should provide all the relevant details.

To ensure the creation of a good story, use proper graphic design software or popular Instagram tools

Desirable features of a story

  • The story should preferably have the following features:
  • It is based on the interests of your target audience
  • It is engaging throughout so that the user is compelled to follow your given link
  • It should be presented interestingly. Short points or catchy phrases are used instead of lengthy running text.
  • It is visually attractive and pleasing

Share your achievements

Any progressive business meets successes and accomplishments on its way. Share important milestones with the users through Instagram stories. This makes your customer a part of your success celebrations.

If conducted properly, this exercise benefits the business in the form of positive publicity. The clients come to know about your achievements, celebrate with you and may even post congratulatory messages and positive remarks in response to your Instagram stories. This, in turn, is not only good for your social media profile but also augurs well for your business as it may fetch you, new clients.

There are several ways to highlight your success milestones through your Instagram stories, some of which may be:

  • Posting a summarized account of your major achievements
  • Conversations with your staff about their experience with your setup and their share in the achievements
  • An exciting countdown for any upcoming event
  • Feedback by users regarding their experiences and user satisfaction with your brand

However, ensure that the focus of all your Instagram stories should always be your brand. The stories must carry your brand colours, logos and other brand-related visual optics. The aim is to familiarize the user with your brand in a way that they remember it and start relating to it.

Master the art of storytelling

Storytelling is an art. Be an artist. Make your Instagram stories interesting and captivating. You can tell multiple stories within your main story to highlight the maximum aspects of your business. Never the less, do not compromise on the momentum, flow and content of the main story and try to keep user interest alive.

The stories can take different shapes and formats to break the monotony. Add flair and colour to your stories by making them in the form of short documentaries, skits or other interesting formats. The purpose is to keep the user engaged and attentive to receive the message that you want to convey.

Maintain the critical balance

Creative stories are likely to get a larger Instagram audience. Any type of content, if presented creatively and uniquely can grab immediate attention.

For businesses, however, maintaining the balance between creativity and authenticity is very critical. Sharing of authentic information must never be compromised for creativity as it may damage the user trust.

Keeping this in mind, try to make your stories as appealing as possible. Two basic recommendations to do so are:

  • Do not hesitate to employ professional services for creating and handling your Instagram stories. This can ensure wider coverage and quality content.
  • If you plan to create and produce your Instagram stories yourself, try to make them more informative and exciting by using:
  • User polls surveys
  • Catchy, artistic and informative stickers
  • Sketches
  • Aesthetic effects for presenting the story content beautifully


Instagram stories have become a very potent source of identifying and engaging your target audience. An increasing number of businesses are making use of this medium to benefit their setups in a very cost-effective manner.

This is the future trend so learning to create and efficiently use Instagram stories is vital for any business to stay relevant in the time to come.

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