Top Marketing Hashtags in Instagram to Use for Your Business in Trinidad and Tobago

Instagram today is, without any doubt, one of the top social media platform used by people. From small scale businesses to even large-scale companies, everyone uses this platform to promote their brand. Not only this, with more than 1 billion active users worldwide, brands can increase their profit by utilising this medium to attain both B2C and B2B sales in Trinidad and Tobago.

Why You Should Create an Instagram Business Profile and How Hashtags Can Help It Grow

Instagram allows entrepreneurs to transform their profiles into business pages. This encourages them to appeal to the right audience as business profiles offer access to various features and tools that help entrepreneurs to build their online store, brand name and presence on Instagram.

To attract people on Instagram, one method that is widely used is adding hashtags to your posts. It is done, so users usually use hashtags or keywords while searching for a post, IGTV video, or story. Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags for posts and IGTV video, while only 3 hashtags per story.

Social Bakers state that even by adding just one hashtag, chances of your post engagement increases up to 12.6%.

Instructions to Use Instagram Hashtags for Your Business

Although using hashtags is very simple; however, you use them strategically. You need to pick the correct ones while using them. Below are some tricks and tips on utilising them appropriately for your business and attaining maximum engagement in Trinidad and Tobago.

Be Specific

For targeting a specific audience, all you have to do is choosing particular hashtags. Adding the most popular hashtags will not work for you, as this would not attract the right people.

Also, you need to ensure that your post would not become mixed up in an ocean of hashtags that are not relevant to it. You ought to communicate in your clients’ language as this will urged them to follow you. Likewise, they will engage with you and your customers.

Instagram also offers a valuable recommendation engine that can be used to search for the right hashtags relevant to your business. Moreover, you can likewise utilise Instagram analytics tools to figure out which hashtags to use for your posts.

Generate Unique Hashtags

One approach to stand out your brand from the rest is creating unique hashtags and continue using them for every post, either it is a story, post, or IGTV video. Similarly, the followers or customers should be urged to utilise these hashtags while posting about your brand.

For the generation of unique hashtags, the expertise of your writers and marketing team should be utilised.

Be Cautious About the Number of Hashtags That You Are Using

As mentioned above, Instagram has a limit to the number of hashtags you can add per post. That is 30 for posts and IGTV videos while 3 for stories.

But keep in mind that adding too many hashtags can look ‘spammy’, or it may appear that you are using a bot for your posts. The ideal number of hashtags that help increasing engagement per post are elven.

Using Hashtags in the Comments Section

As mentioned above, adding too many hashtags to post looks spammy, so to avoid this consider using them in the comments section. After posting something, add all the hashtags in the first comment.

Ensure That Your Hashtags are Relevant to Your Photos

It is not a wise idea to use all the most popular hashtags in your post. It must be taken into consideration that the hashtags used are relevant to the photos or content. This is important as these people will find your brand, and hence you will be able to attract the right audience.

Searching for hashtags and posts that are similar to your content and photo is a good practice. But beware, do this only for inspiration, and refrain from totally copying the detailed caption and hashtags.

Join the Trend

Sometimes, joining the viral trend is an excellent technique. For this purpose, always look for trending topics and hashtags and check whether they apply to the content you will post.

However, you must be patient as you won’t generally see trending subjects relevant to your content. But try to look at the hashtags repeatedly to check whether you can utilise any of them with your post.

It’s usually not exactly 100% specific to what you are posting; however, it’s good to use them if they are relevant to your industry.

Switch things up

Sticking to a particular hashtag for months that is not increasing engagements is not a good idea. Instead, try to switch things with proper research and try some new hashtags.

Utilising new hashtags will likewise allow you the connect with new users and attract a new audience. Always track your Instagram performance to understand which hashtags are engaging people.

Investigate Your Competition

Keep an eye on your competitor’s Instagram page and check which hashtags they are using. Check their posts and hashtags to analyse how they are engaging users.

By doing so, you will be able to stand among the millions of brands.

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Numerous Types of Instagram Hashtags

Hashtags are divided into eight different types:

Community or Industry Hashtags – Instagram has specific communities, and joining those relevant to your industry will acquire more followers. Know your community or industry and use similar hashtags that they are using.

Service or Product Hashtags – This type contains hashtags related to specific products and services. For instance, if you are running an e-commerce store that sells cosmetics, you can use the hashtags like #makeup, #lipstick, #eyeshadow, and other similar ones to your products.

Seasonal Hashtags – This type offers hashtags that are related to holidays or some special events.

Niche Hashtags – These hashtags are utilised to depict what speciality your business or brand has.

Phrase Hashtags – These hashtags are applied to define your post or photograph. It ought not to be long; however, two or three words in one hashtag are sufficient. It must also be relevant to your content.

Location Hashtags – You can subsequently label the area on your post, as Instagram offers that choice. However, it would likewise be a smart idea to add the location in your hashtags.

Abbreviation Hashtags – Abbreviation hashtags incorporate the terms #TBT, #OOTD, #YOLO, #FBF, and many more.

Daily Hashtags – These hashtags are utilised to address the days of the week. It is usually joined by something that depicts the day and the actual post.

Examples of the Most Popular Instagram Hashtags for Marketing Different Businesses

Since we have talked about the various approaches to utilise hashtags on Instagram, it is currently an ideal opportunity to examine which hashtags you can use for your brand.

General Hashtags

#love – 1,919,664,801

#instagood – 1,213,783,228

#photooftheday – 839,259,606

#fashion – 859,542,212

#beautiful – 688,659,766

#happy – 597,642,909

#cute – 589,431,636

#tbt – 549,703,301

#like4like – 522,791,739

#followme – 544,098,289

Digital Marketing

#digitalmarketing – 13,199,450 posts

#marketing – 45,660,210 posts

#socialmediamarketing – 12,143,783 posts

#business – 70,756,062 posts

#onlinemarketing – 5,2014,111 posts

#digitalmarketingagency – 979,262 posts

#digitalmarketingtips – 716,817 posts

#digitalmarketingservices – 187,081 posts

#digitalmarketinglife – 109,872 posts

#digitalmarketingtools – 103,766 posts


#fashion – 859,544,585

#fashionblogger – 127,831,247

#fashionista – 109,562,358

#fashionable – 36,412,874

#fashionstyle – 49,541,699

#fashionblog -27,474,111

#fashiongram – 32,579,194

#fashionaddict – 23,950,609

#fashionweek – 24,132,173

#fashiondiaries – 26,627,054


#travel – 520,718,190

#travelgram – 131,089,145

#traveling – 76,611,016

#travelphotography – 130,668,002

#travelling – 67,672,061

#travelblogger – 59,832,657

#traveler – 42,941,462

#travelersnotebook – 4,032,348

#travelingram – 26,826,521

#traveltheworld – 29,964,880


#business – 70,799,262

#businessman – 8,033,827

#businesswoman – 11,213,810

#businessowner – 11,444,586

#businessowners – 2,218,710

#businesscoach – 3,077,113

#businesswomen – 2,683,548

#businesslife – 2,259,984

#businesstips – 2,592,768

#businessminded – 1,590,554


Hashtags are a useful tool for increasing followers and engagement on Instagram. Though, you need to ensure that you are utilising them appropriately. Learning when, how, and which hashtags to use will boost your post and its performance. So, for this, chalk out a list of your best-performing hashtags and utilise them to their maximum capacity.

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